Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Brezsny and Ponderings

It's Wednesday, huh? When I remember, which is rarely these days, that means Brezsny. To the Gemini, he says this of the new year:

Freud said that among all human endeavors, there were three "impossible professions" that inevitably yielded unsatisfying results. They were child-rearing, the governing of nations, and psychoanalysis. My own experiences don't entirely confirm this. My parents raised me pretty well and I've given my daughter a decent upbringing. Of the nine psychotherapists I've consulted in my life, two were excellent healers and none were damaging. But even those relatively winning projects were sometimes fraught with unsolvable riddles, chronic frustrations, and maddening uncertainties. I bring this up, Gemini, because I think 2011 will be a time when you will generate far more gratification and success than usual in your own versions of "impossible professions." Unsolvable riddles, chronic frustrations, and maddening uncertainties won't be completely absent, but they could very well be at an all-time low.

I can't complain about my child-rearing experience. But Freud, like everybody, moans about his own work, so I can moan about mine. I'll do that.

My impossible profession is the advancement of information movement and storage in the world, along with all the other fun tricks and benefits computers can bring you. It's a big profession, like other kinds of engineering, and my own personal contribution is necessarily modest. One guy can only do so much -- though he can do a lot more now than when I started a couple of decades ago.

I eventually got tired of being a cog, deep in a machine that required a lot of cogs to run. I'm now capable of running my own little machines and/or being one of a much smaller number of cogs while still doing interesting projects. I'm also enjoying being able to put up things people can use.

I can always use more gratification and success, though actually I've done quite well in 2010, all things considered. Several interesting projects started, a couple brought to usefulness, several more reworked. All in addition to my job, of course.

My maddening uncertainties are, at this point, all about picking a direction to go in. My opportunities keep getting better, often dramatically so, and they weren't bad to begin with. Now, how do I avoid throwing them all away for nothing? ;-)

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