Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Ah, Brezsny. So here's the new horoscope:

"Even if you are an elite member of the cognoscenti or a pampered celebrity who hasn't made your own toast in ten years, I suggest you try on the virtues of the working class approach to life. That means thinking with your body, being willing to get your hands dirty, and striving to create useful things. Coming at the world from this angle will ensure that your fine mind won't lead you astray with sterile theories in the week ahead. If you want to know the bottom-line truth, listen to your physical feelings."

Does this sound like dangerous advice to everybody, or just people who've actually met me? My physical feelings make some interesting decisions.

I've been doing a bit more resembling "real" work lately between motorcycle maintenance, mopping the kitchen, the stuff with the air conditioner and putting together a little silver six-in-one chainmail. I could finally get that mead bottled for more of the same effect, I guess. I'm never sure what's proper work.

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