Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Randomness about Calli

I originally wrote "Callie" as the nickname. rightkindofme prefers "Calli", since the "e" isn't actually in "Callidora". Fair enough.

Random unusual things about Calli:

* Held up her head at about a 45-degree angle from lying flat within about an hour of birth
* Produced actual, visible, liquid tears when crying, basically immediately on birth
* Did four little push-ups today on her mom's chest, going from 45 degrees to vertical on each
* Makes cute squeaky noises, much as her older sister did at that age
* Unlike Shanna, sometimes is actually put to sleep by the car

She's a week old today. As with Shanna, it's hard to tell if the time is just flying by or going by very slowly. Both, in a way that's hard to articulate.

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