Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Mead is bottled

Last July, we started a couple of big bottles of mead going. Today, we got them bottled. So we have something like three gallons of a strong, sweet, cinnamon-vanilla-clove mead that should age amazingly if it's anything like the last time I made it. Based on that experience, it'll take about five years to get to the point where it tastes like liquid candy and you'd swear it has no alcohol, but hits like a sledgehammer. And me not throwing DHPs any more! :-)

The other, smaller batch (less than two gallons, I think) is what we had enough lotus blossom honey to make. I tasted the lotus honey at a farmer's market a number of years ago. It's sweet, light, and actually tingles on your tongue. I thought, "okay, that needs to be a mead". It took me well over five years to actually make that happen, but it actually *is* as good as it seemed like. It's light, drinkable, very smooth and keeps that slight tongue-tingle. So if you're a brewer at all, look for lotus blossom honey. It works as well as it tastes like it should :-) It's not as dark or sweet, so it probably won't age as well. That's okay -- I foresee us wanting to drink it all before long anyway :-)
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