Noah (angelbob) wrote,

As I went past an intersection on my way home last night, there was a truck stopped by the side of the road going the perpendicular direction to where I was. I stopped for awhile at the intersection and so I got to watch the traffic light do its cycle. When I first stopped to watch, the truck was an eerie chromey green that still looked surprisingly natural and in-step with the trees and bushes behind it, yet disconnected entirely from the moving lights and urban reflections of the roadway. I got a nice contrast a minute or so later as it switched to a yellow color, which gave it a surprisingly active, ready look as though it were just about to accelerate and blow through the intersection. And I hadn't realized how much a shiny object under a diffuse red light looks abandoned until the light finished changing in the truck's direction. It's such a visual cliche -- a modern, shiny object lit by red neon. It wasn't neon, it was the now-standard traffic light LEDs, but you know the look I mean. It's a very sad, lonely, lost look.

And then I went home. I had stuff to do.
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