Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Suddenly everything in Mountain View closes by 10pm. Both of my regular drug stores do. Target. Wal-Mart.

After significant searching I found an Albertson's that was still open 'til midnight, and of course I won't starve since Safeway is always open. Still.

I went to Orchard Supply Hardware, and excellent California chain hardware store, and brought home their smallest window air conditioning unit. It's freakin' massive. I figured it was gonna be a keeper since my belongings tend to have an obnoxious personality and it managed to draw blood within seconds of being removed from the box, but no such luck. I'm gonna take it right back tomorrow. It's just too big.

Of course, all the other ones are bigger. So it looks like this is going to be less of a "have an awesome air conditioner next to the bed" thing and more a "save a couple hundred bucks" thing. That's okay, I was a little shocked at how expensive those things were. Maybe I'll just move my little dorm fridge into the bedroom and periodically douse myself in cold water or something. That could have nasty side effects at one of the main times I find myself wishing for air conditioning, though...

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