Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Random updates

Man, we're just doing all kinds of stuff lately. Lots of it seems to be about money and paperwork.

We filled out the census. And some paperwork for a Disney time-share thing we're doing. And a house refinance. That last one's nice -- we'll be down at just under 4.4% interest on the new 15-year fixed mortgage, and roll the car loan on the van into it in the bargain. Our payment's slightly higher, but only slightly, which is good for reducing the time by half.

I still need to make it to the DMV before my birthday. I'm in one of those years where my driver's license can actually expire. Plus I've got friends I haven't responded to who could use a new copy of a deed to a motorcycle I sold them years ago (hi!).

The girl and I made it to the Y Combinator Demo Day to see the new crop of tiny interesting startups. It's not clear we'll get a chance to invest in any of the companies that instantly struck our fancy, but we're hoping. We'll see how that goes. I'll feel bad if the whole angel investing thing doesn't happen this year, but not bad enough to dump thousands of dollars on somebody I'm not very confident in.

"Angelbob" suddenly sounds pretentious if I'm doing angel investing. I'd never really thought about that. Luckily, my odds of becoming well-known for this any time soon round down to zero.

We have a case of wine coming. Back in, like, 2002 I went to a barrel-tasting party and sent Sattui a check for a case of "wine futures", which means "pay us half now, pick it up when we bottle it in a few years, and we'll give you a decent discount." Naturally, I promptly forgot about it, even though I'd done the same thing before. Alas, I will *not* be getting a case of the 2003 Syrah, because they're entirely sold out. I shouldn't have forgotten it. So it's a more recent Syrah, but the guy tells me it's good.

Why do you care about the wine? You really don't, unless you want to come over soon for Syrah. But I found it interesting that I reflexively haggled on the phone with the guy about what year rather than just take what he offered. This is the opposite of my inborn natural inclination. Perhaps this "business" thing is something you can slowly pick up by osmosis. I should go rub myself vigorously against business books for awhile and see how that works out. In the mean time, I think I'll be bad at it but look for opportunities to get somewhat less bad.

Programmery stuff continues slowly. There's been all this other stuff happening.

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