Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Honey in soft drink bottles -- sign #37 that you may be a terrorist

FRESNO, Calif. – The suspicious material found inside luggage that prompted the shutdown of a California airport Tuesday morning turned out to be five soft drink bottles filled with honey, authorities said.

A passenger's suitcase tested positive for TNT at Bakersfield's Meadows Field during a routine swabbing of the bag's exterior, Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood said. When TSA officials opened the bag, they found bottles filled with an amber liquid, he said.

"Why in this day and age would someone take a chance carrying honey in Gatorade bottles?" Youngblood asked. "That itself is an alarm. It's hard to understand."

Things are bad when a sheriff talks about how suspicious it is that somebody would put honey into an empty plastic bottle as a means of transporting it.

The guy in question was a gardener. It looks likely that the honey wasn't in a commercial bottle because he got it not from a commercial bottle, but from, like, actual bees.

Amazingly, it appears he's not going to be arrested or tasered anything for carrying honey, though there's a lot of loud decrying of various completely random things.

The above quote is from an article on this topic.

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