Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Mmm... Dessert.

At turkeyfest, vito_excalibur and her fellow Mister E brought excellent desserts, and I got to try them.

Mister E brought a fabulous flourless chocolate cake thing that could have been described as a marquise or ganache in a crust with coffee or any of several other ways -- apparently he made it by hybridizing recipes for a number of similar chocolate-and-cream-in-a-crust confections. It was good and intensely chocolate and thick and slightly overwhelming, as such things should be. Mmmmmm...

vito_excalibur brought something called Breton butter cake, or Kuign Amann. As best I could pick out, it's pronounced a bit like "queen yahMANN", but "queen" is slightly more like "koo-EEN".

You know, like, Baklava? Or other phyllo dough desserts? Imagine the buttery, layery feel of that, but in a dessert that is instead soft and more like a bread or cake. It's also caramelized all around the outside, but I'm a butter guy more than a sugar guy. The caramel was good, but the OHMYGOD BUTTER was what it was all about for me :-)

I'm told the previous attempt was even better, and to make sure there's enough salt to help balance out all the buttery sugary goodness. Makes sense.

So, y'know, if any of you get a chance to try a Kuign Amann, do it. I'm just sayin'.

Or if you get a chance to have dessert with them, do that too :-) The conversation was also fabulous. But it's harder for me to make you drool about it on LJ afterward, which shows the hopeless inadequacy of my writing skills.

I could never be a professional creative writer or a painter. I could get really, really good and I'd never be able to sit back and say "I'm way better than 98% of everybody in the world." I would instead say things like "you know, if you get way up close to that, it TOTALLY doesn't look like actual rabbit fur."

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