Noah (angelbob) wrote,

My dentist appointment today went well.

Too much dental detail...Collapse )

A few years ago I went on a "remedial life improvement" program. Nothing formal, just a decision on my part to get good at some stuff I was ignoring. My apartment is in good shape now. My teeth are in good shape now. My weight and fitness are quite reasonable, certainly by contrast. I've taken a bunch of classes and I'm anything but one-dimensional in conversation. Well, okay, in most conversations at least.

This ties into my earlier realization that I need to reconsider the direction of my life. I'm really mostly done with this one. I mean, the other day I was invited to a "nice casual" event and I even had something appropriate and slightly dressy to wear, at least if you ignored my sandals.

But what next? Do I retire and/or take up shuffleboard? Start a business? Pursue my abandoned dreams of becoming a muppet or an old Chinese man? Reinvent Hare Krishna as a bloodthirsty cult of assassins led by a God-Emperor? Knit?

I was gonna check out Brezsny to find out, but it's another day or two before the next horoscope comes out. I've even quoted the current one already in this journal.

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