Noah (angelbob) wrote,


This evening, the wife and I made a daikon, cabbage and sausage soup with sour cream. It turned out fabulous, though the sausage wasn't as good as it should have been. Better yet, it was an adapted from an old French recipe, and so you can use potato instead of daikon and get good results. From how it tasted, you could also use turnip, beet, or most other root vegetables and get good results.

But if you use sausage, use good sausage. It'll be worth it. We didn't, and paid the price -- a basically really good soup with disappointing sausage.

They're right -- the first boil for the cabbage makes for a much nicer soup.

Also, in the process of making my God-damn pumpkin curry (recipe unremarkable and not linked, results decent but not exceptional), my wife's fingers began to hurt rather a lot from chopping chiles. She feels this should be mentioned.

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