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04 October 2009 @ 09:54 pm
Positive Reinforcement  
After I stopped working on my MUD library, and after I stopped working at PeakStream, I pretty much stopped having anybody except coworkers use the code I wrote. My current stuff at ACCESS may eventually have real users, but not right now. It's part of why I kept working on the MUD library so long -- somebody was actually getting use out of what I did.

Today, I got this message about RailsGame, one of my projects:

Thanks Noah. Your project looks almost improbably relevant :) Time to
sit down and read some of your code - many thanks.

I hadn't realized just how good a feeling it would be when somebody looked likely to actually get some use out of my Rails stuff.

[Edit: and the guy submitted a minor patch on something I was doing slightly wrong. Awesome!]