Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Leni Riefenstahl released a new movie in time for her birthday. In fact, she released that film in time for her 100th birthday, and it's her first new release in about 48 years.

She broke her hip in a helicopter crash in Africa at the age of 93. She took up scuba diving in her 80's or 90's (I forget). She was roundly jeered when she accepted a lifetime achievement award in 1997. She's being investigated by the German government right now (just after her August 22nd birthday) for denying the Holocaust -- not that she does, just that there's a Gypsy organization accusing her of it.

The poor woman revolutionized cinema, did what were some of the best movies ever made at the time, invented a surprising number of filming and editing techniques now taken for granted, and she just can't buy a break. I hope that "Impressionen unter Wasser", her latest film, is released in some form in the US. I want to buy a copy just to support her, on principle. She deserves it.

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