Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Geeky randomness

Those of you with long memories may recall me posting about a geeky blog I was keeping elsewhere. I posted to it regularly for awhile, and then pretty much stopped completely.

I stopped partly from lack of motivation, but partly because I was getting to the point where I felt like I should be writing the code to make all this happen. WordPress is big and unwieldy, and using it doesn't get me experience building my own sites. So I built my own blog and imported the old entries with a script I wrote (but not the old comments, what few there were).

And in late april, not long after starting it, I decided I'd do something geeky at least six times a week that I could write about. And oddly enough, it's worked quite well. I have very little time for it these days, and yet somehow, knowing I should do something for the blog, and even something tiny would count has kept me putting up interesting little bits, day after day.

This week I won't be making my six since I'm leaving early for a camping trip. And next week I probably won't have 'net access at all. But I'm proud of even a month of doing this. It's really, really good practice.

I should try more of these exercises people tell you you're supposed to do to get better at things. Apparently, sometimes people are right :-)

Now I just need to put it up somewhere stable, instead of running off a simulated VMWare box running on my home machine, with my home DSL connection...

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