Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Random update

The girl and I are taking a tango class. The first class was fun, though it introduced new material a bit faster than we could absorb every week. Apparently it was review for at least some of the people there, and thus the fast pace. Looking forward to more of that. Yay!

SGI is selling out to Rackable, and possibly closing its doors. They're just across the parking lot from us. It's kinda sad, though they've been on the way out for a long time. People who call them the Google of the 1990s aren't terribly far off, though one hopes Google won't be doing the same kind of thing in ten years.

Work is still busy, but we basically made our deadline, and the pressure is off me personally for a bit. That's good. I really need a work-free weekend.

Saw my cousin while he was in town from Chicago. So now rightkindofme has met him too. It's nice to get out of the house and socialize. Shanna was awesome, but we still try not to demand she be polite in public too frequently.

My brain is so, so fried right now. But good productivity has come out of it. I'll be very glad in a few months when I can show this stuff to people (legally, I mean).

[Added]And Obama needs to not declare "turning points" in the economic recovery if he doesn't want us imagining him under a great big ol' "Mission Accomplished" banner, possibly in a flight suit. I'm just sayin'.

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