Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Oof. Just came back from working out. Dinner out with friends at La Fiesta was good, work and workout after was a little draining. I hadn't realized how out-of-shape I was before, which I suppose several months not working out at all would do...

It's kind of neat knowing all about various muscles and muscle groups. I can definitely exercise much more effectively, stretch better, and generally stay in less-damaged condition. I need to exercise much more regularly, but since the massage stuff only finished on Saturday I'll figure I'm doing okay for right this second.

Need to do several things, but I may go to the Dickens Fair on Sunday and use that as a way to do more Christmas shopping. That'd be pretty cool.

At work, I had to write reviews of coworkers. Kinda weird. Not as weird as when I was interviewing people, but weird.

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