Noah (angelbob) wrote,

City of Heroes/Villains

I've been playing City of Heroes/Villains for a few weeks now, and it appears both that I enjoy the game very much, and that my wonderful wife is okay with me doing so at about my current rate. Yay!

I've played as several different archetypes on several different servers, and pretty well convinced myself that I should play on one of the more populous servers (Freedom or Virtue, looks like) since I play at lower-traffic times of day, and I have set to see any server look genuinely overcrowded.

If anybody actually plays regularly, and their play-times might reasonably intersect mine (Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings, mostly), let me know what server you're on. I have a couple of characters I wouldn't mind keeping, but nothing so compelling that I couldn't restart. I've mostly been trying out different archetypes and figuring out what I enjoy, but haven't put very many hours on any character but one. And he's a hero on Pinnacle, so I may not put too many hours on him anyway...

It'd be nice to find a SuperGroup (the CoX equivalent of a Guild) with people I know and like. I haven't done much of that in online games. Failing that, it'd be nice to adopt or start one.

So if you've got an argument about what server I should play on, especially an argument of the form "I play with a group I like on the <Hero/Villain> side on this server so you should join us", this is the time and place :-) Let me know!
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