Noah (angelbob) wrote,


Penguin mints now come in chocolate flavor (along with regular and cinnamon). Why don't people tell me these things?

For those who don't know, I'm kind of a closet Penguin junkie. I don't consume them every day, but I *do* keep them in the car and in various convenient spots in my apartment. I like them better than Altoids. They're not quite as strong, which is a minus, but they contain neither gelatin nor real sugar so they don't make your mouth taste gummy or sour afterwards. Plus, unlike Altoids, they're vegetarian for those who care about that.

I'm not generally a mint guy, but for mints like this, particularly with 15mg of caffeine per (that's, like, a third of a coke), I make an exception. I am all for chocolate in all of its many forms.

Of course, maybe they're awful. I expect I'll be the first guy on my block to find out.

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