Noah (angelbob) wrote,

A silly online toy

One of the things I've been doing with my random free time when Shanna's quiet is to build my l33t Javascript skills. While it's nothing special, I've built this simple webtoy, which lets you select how the little face feels from the list of emotions. Check the boxes for the ones you want, pick how much of each (or leave it as-is), and you should get the silly face doing things. If what you see is too subtle, make the number bigger.

I've tested it in FireFox and Safari. I have *not* tested it in Internet Explorer, but I had it use a couple of libraries that *should* make what I'm doing all compatible-like... So if you use IE and you don't immediately see a little face, let me know that it doesn't work in IE :-)

[Edit: it appears that it does not work on IE. Thanks, lovmelovmycats!]
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