Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Birthing class and demographics

Last night, the girl and I went to the second of various baby-having-related classes we've got lined up. There are two more going on this weekend. Much with the kid-ness.

At the class last night, we were one of four couples. One couple were physically large -- both tall and somewhat fat -- as well as being quiet and into playing sports. One couple was thin, on the nervous side, doted on each other and didn't volunteer much unless asked. The third couple were younger, maybe very early twenties, very into popular music and television, paid some extra attention to their appearances, were a bit snarky and were not the sharpest knives in the drawer.

Thinking about that after the class, I found myself wondering: do rightkindofme and I look like that sort of identical demographic pairing to everybody else in the room? Given our high level of education and generally articulate manner, maybe we were the upper-middle-class nerd contingent?

This interests me partially because I don't think the first birthing class we went to was quite so stereotyped. Somewhat, but not to that extent.

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