Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Wow. Still only Saturday?

This was one of those weeks where on Tuesday I was already thinking, "is it Friday yet?" This had a lot to do with a convention all weekend that the wife was an organizer for and so I was a constant fill-in volunteer for. By Tuesday I was already about done. And by Wednesday I was starting to feel really sick. And then I was "sleep all night and most of the day, don't leave house more than 100% necessary" sick from Thursday 'til today. And tomorrow is starting to look like more of the same. I'm not online much, because I'm alternating a bit of computer time with a lot of being passed out.

And after missing two days of work, and then having the weekend to attempt recovery, I'm gonna feel really guilty if I can't get some real work done by Monday. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

At least today's a *bit* better than yesterday -- I just got finished changing the litter box and making tea. Either of those would have been the total energy I had available yesterday. Today I can do that, and come back and bitch on LJ!

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