Noah (angelbob) wrote,

This week, Brezsny tells the Gemini:

Happy Valentine Daze, Gemini! During my search for the spark that would be most likely to energize your love life, I found this dose of truth from novelist Tom Robbins: "We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love." I hope that quote inspires you to shed any tendency you might have to wait for the ideal romantic situation to find its way to you. Instead, establish a habit of visualizing in precise detail the kind of love you want to give and receive. Then work on patiently materializing it.

Huh. Okay. And for Leo, my moon sign, he says:

Scholar Suzanne Juhasz says that Emily Dickinson's eroticism "inflects and charges" most of her poems. "Erotic desire -- sensuous, nuanced, flagrant, extreme, outlandish, and profound -- is her way of interacting with the world." From an astrological perspective, it would make perfect sense if you experimented with a similar predilection in the coming days, Leo. During the superheated grace period you'll be enjoying, interesting things are likely to happen if you basically make love to the whole world. The urge to merge shouldn't just be the icing on the cake. It should be the icing, the cake, the plate it's on, your eating of the cake, your feeding of the cake to others, and all the stories you tell about your encounter with the cake. Happy Valentine Daze, Leo!

Uh... Hm. I'm commentaryless this week, I guess.
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