Noah (angelbob) wrote,

The girl and I made it back from Pittsburgh. We found a house that we'd really, *really* like, at least if our current one sells fast enough for us to make an offer. On a completely unrelated note, an (ongoing) discussion with Dell Technical Support chat:

 09:09:03 AM   	 System 	 You are now being connected to an agent. Thank you for using Dell Chat
 09:09:03 AM   	 System 	 Connected with GTSR Andrew Riggins
 09:09:08 AM   	 Agent 	  	 Thank you for contacting Dell Technical Support. While I am bringing up your information, how may I help you today?
 09:09:11 AM   	 Customer 	 Hi!
 09:09:26 AM   	 Customer 	 I've got a Precision T3400 and I'm trying to activate Virtualization Technology.
 09:09:32 AM   	 Customer 	 I'm told that's a BIOS setting, but I'm not finding one.
 09:10:06 AM   	 Customer 	 I've tried installing the appropriate KVM kernel module under Linux, but it also claims it's disabled (actually, it says not supported, but that's what it says when it's disabled).
 09:12:52 AM   	 Customer 	 And if you happen to know, I'd also like to know how to get Linux to support the built-in sound hardware. But that's a much less important issue :-)
 09:13:05 AM   	 Customer 	 Google has failed me on both counts, alas.
 09:14:46 AM   	 Customer 	 Um... Hello? Were you able to find my information?
 09:14:58 AM   	 Customer 	 Like, is my order at least in the system? :-)
 09:16:26 AM   	 Customer 	 Are we still connected?
 09:22:14 AM     Customer        Hi?

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