Noah (angelbob) wrote,

This week, Rob tells the Gemini:

In Big Russ and Me, a memoir about growing up, journalist Tim Russert writes a lot about what he learned from his father. Here's one story: Whenever a family member accidentally broke some glass, his dad took extraordinary precautions wrapping up the shards in a sealed box before depositing them in the trash can. Why? Because he wanted to be sure the garbagemen wouldn't cut their hands. I urge you to be that conscientious in the coming week, Gemini. Imagine in detail the impact your actions might have on all the people, both known and unknown, whose lives you touch. The gods will reward you for doing so.

Fair enough. There's plenty we'll be throwing out...

And to Leo, my moon sign, he says:

A lightning bolt is hot, fast, and potent. It can travel at 100,000 mph, reach temperature of 60,000 degrees Fahrenheit, and generate enough energy to illuminate a light bulb for two months. And yet it's usually no more than an inch in diameter. This is an apt metaphor for the kind of highly concentrated power you will have available in the coming days, Leo: deceptively petite in proportion to its enormous wallop. Please use it wisely.

Good to know. Well, if it's less than an inch in diameter, maybe I should box it up to avoid hurting garbagemen :-)

DHP prep continues apace. The hot tub is warm and chemical-y, the house needs some rearranging but isn't bad. The liquid paraffin is sitting ominously on its shelf. Goodwill runs and chocolate should happen by the time I get home, and I'll start the Sangria tonight. We'll crack open some mead with hops and some cyser (a mead-cider) I bottled some time ago and see if it's now wonderful or awful. See you all on Saturday!

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