Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Show up! Take our stuff!

This Sunday, December 9th, we'll have a big pile of stuff, especially books, that we don't want to move and are looking to get rid of. There's likely to also be alcohol, novelty juggling bags, decorations and whatever else we look at and say, "I'm *not* moving that three times in the next year."

We tend to be early risers, but don't show up before about 8am. We'll be here to give stuff away in the morning and afternoon 'til about 3pm. First come, first serve, take it by the armload or carload.

Possibly more details as we figure out what we're getting rid of. Possibly not, and it'll just be a grab-bag. Hope to see you then!

Edit: there will also be clothing, one or possibly two TVs, and old computer monitor, one or more bookshelves, a couple of small table-type furnishings, and no doubt more.
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