Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Had a communication meeting this morning at work. That means they tell us how things are going. It's pretty boring. But if you're late, they make you compose and read a limerick at the next meeting. Three of us from our team were very late because we'd entirely forgotten there was a meeting.

I now know that given five minutes before the meeting to compose a cute limerick in meter, I can do it. It's still seems pretty goofy to require people to do it.

Last night I received a message from Sarah-the-ex-girlfriend who, as she says of me, I used to date when I was wee (we were, like, 18). We'd been talking about going to dinner and I'd said something about maybe next week. "Now!" she wrote, "Now now now! I want pie!". Sarah writes all kinds of silly happy stuff ("No sushi for kitties, no no no!"). But I called her up and pointed out that I knew a 24-hour pie place. So at 11pm I headed off toward Berkeley to pick her up and go get pie. I had apple-sour-cream pie and she had nectarine mislabelled as peach, which she said was still very good.

Mmm... I like taking off randomly late at night to go get pie. Yay, pie!
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