Noah (angelbob) wrote,

The girl and I have had a wonderful, light-hearted holiday weekend. Can't complain about that!

Thursday and Friday we got out and did a bit of socializing. We had Thanksgiving dinner with lovely friends and all went quite well. Saturday we got out and did some shopping (gotta get started for Christmas!), and made it to a pretty low-key party at another friend's house. Sunday we headed to Dickens Fair and had a fine time. We were there for something like six or seven hours -- very unusual for us these days. Definitely a good weekend and a good break.

Was fun seeing a bunch of you at Dickens. Hope to see some of the same folks and many others at the final DHP on December 15th!

Note for programmery types: I recently started looking at Ruby on Rails. I knew I liked Ruby a lot, and I'm now starting to see why everybody raves about Rails. It's really impressive. Apparently there are even real high-traffic sites that run on top of it these days (Twitter, f'r'instance) and it's all tested and workable for big stuff. Neat!

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