Noah (angelbob) wrote,

For the record: another damn fine weekend.

Had a good fancy dinner with friends on Friday, a wedding present for a Happy Couple of acquaintances.

Saw Circus Contraption on Saturday, which was morbidly beautiful, and had crepes three (!) times that day. I was the one cooking them only one of those times. Combination to recommend: blackberry and apricot. Nifty crepe condiment: very spicy plum chutney. Now I just have to find a use for a lot more spicy plum chutney :-)

I made dinner for a different pair of married friends on Sunday evening. I did something relatively complicated, at least for me. Always good. I made marinated chicken breasts, baked brie, this excellent salad with goat cheese and pears and vinaigrette, and then managed to forget about the broccoli and green beans until they were slightly oversteamed and the guests were stuffed with chicken and brie. Ah, well -- I'll call the meal successful in any case. Oh, and pie! I just used a Safeway apple pie, but it was still good. Anyway, yay for weekends where I cook!

I do need to try to be more conversational and pay less attention to cooking and washing stuff and whatnot. I have something like miss_mimsy's hosting problems that way. Of course, if I'd just get around to getting more plates and silverware I could stop having to wash up every time I feed four people :-)

I have a dressy grey sweater I'd forgotten about. It looks very distinguished, which is probably why I forgot about it. I tend to forget that I can look sorta like the less-attractive magazine models. I have a decend build, at least for hanging clothes on. Anyway, I'm surprised at how old the guy in the mirror looks when I'm wearing the sweater. I've just bought more clothes that are similar that way, so we'll see how it all plays out.

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