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25 October 2007 @ 09:25 pm
It musta usedta be Wednesday, so he musta usedta be Brezsny  
This week, Brezsny tells the Gemini:

My writer friend Jeff Greenwald is looking for a publisher for his book Fifty Ways to Leave Your Comfort Zone. I think it's a great concept, which is why I'm surprised that some of Jeff's colleagues discouraged him from using that title. "At this tormented moment in history," said one person, "the last thing anyone wants to hear is how to do what's inconvenient and nerve-wracking." To be true to your current omens, however, that's exactly the advice I'm duty-bound to offer you, Gemini. The most interesting pleasures you can generate in the next few weeks will come from leaving your comfort zone. Halloween costume suggestion: whoever is least like you in the whole world.

Now I have to decide what's least like me.

And for Leo, my moon sign, he says:

If you visit the Polish village of Szymbark, you'll find an upside-down house. Philanthropist Daniel Czaplewski hired a team of construction workers to build it in the reverse position with meticulous detail. The floor is above you, with all the furniture hanging down, and the ceiling is what you walk on. I urge you to make this place your power symbol in the coming weeks, Leo. Use it to inspire you as you experiment with changing your home around every which way. Dare to be crazy, wise, and funny as you rearrange, reinvent, and renovate the domestic vibes. Halloween costume suggestion: an upside-down house. (See a video news story on the place)

I'm guessing that "crazy, wise and funny" isn't "least like [me] in the whole world". But I *would* guess that.

So, right, least like me, domestic vibes. I'll think on it.
Katherine Donaldsonkatharos on October 26th, 2007 02:26 pm (UTC)
Hmm. That's an interesting challenge. You don't have enough empathy for Hitler to be your opposite, you aren't actually cruel, so you can't take a philanthropist or saint like Mother Teresa, Martha Stewart? It goes with the domestic++. :-D :-D She isn't really your opposite though, because I think you're both pretty calculating and analytical and creative. Hmm. Martha Stewart is actually your long lost fraternal twin in a scary way. Ooohh, a cheerleader is easy! But no, too loose to be your opposite. Hmm. You need someone vapid, routine driven and straight laced. Okay, your opposite is an over-stereotypical female blond christian republican. I'm sure that wouldn't offend ANYONE. Dressing up as Martha Stewart would be more fun.