Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Y'know, it's been so long that I think it's time for a meme!

From the journal of chalepa_ta_kala:

If you wish, you may comment on this post, and I will choose seven interests from your profile for you to explain. Then post your descriptions in your own journal or in comments below.

chalepa_ta_kala asked me about several interests, and seems to have a knack for choosing the names of online comics:

wigu: Wigu is the name of a comic by Jeffrey Rowland. He seems to have taken the archives offline. The eponymously-named protagonist got *his* name from an acronym of Rowland's previous comic, When I Grow Up.

tom the dancing bug: This is a comic in on Thursdays. I'd link to it, but linking into Salon really sucks and they tend to redirect you to the front page without warning. TTDB is a comic which alternates strong political leanings ("GWB won't leave Iraq because he refuses to be a failure. Everybody tell him he's brilliant and perfect until he LETS OUR GUYS LEAVE!") with flat-out surreal weirdness like bizarrely-modernized boys' adventure comics, completely made up "Fun Facts" and the blind-dating adventures of an Australopithecine in modern America.

the pornographone: A friend of a friend refers to the computer this way, by analogy with, say, the telephone. I think it's a pretty amusing thing to call it, but I would.

healing power of trauma: I tend toward Nietzsche's point of view, as expressed in Thus Spake Zarathustra -- that famous bit about things not killing you and making you stronger. Trauma tends to refocus you on what's important, while indolence and the world catering to you tends to make you whinier. At least, that's what it does to me.

happy noodle boy: this is a character from short comics interspersed in Jhonen Vasquez' Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. The title character spends his time as a homeless street bum ranting at people and getting shot.

diesel sweeties: this is a webcomic, named for its robot characters who, in several cases, date the various human characters. Clango Cyclotron is probably the closest to a title character, in the sense of him being the only really genuinely nice robot in the strip. The other main robot character isn't nearly as nice.

devil's panties: yet another webcomic, one I actually haven't read in several years. I remember it being good when I read it, though :-)

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