Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Looks like my cooking class has gotten me an invitation to a late-August potluck party consisting primarily of me and several attractive women. Even though I'll almost certainly be inviting a girlfriend to go with me: bonus! The cooking class gets significant kudos in my book.

Probably going to try to start boot camp again next week. I'll have to see how pathetically out of shape I am. It'll be good to know in any case.

The Crucible hasn't put out its fall schedule yet so I don't know if they'll have glassblowing on a weekend. That'd be really cool, though, it'd mean I could take that class next. I'd also consider welding, more blacksmithing or more sculpting. Hell, maybe even stonecarving -- I'd need to find out if I was good enough to take it. I'm in a lull for classes right now and while I plan to enjoy it, I'd also like to figure out what I'm doing next.
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