Noah (angelbob) wrote,

I'm now officially out of shape. Or at least, the edge I get when I exercise regularly is definitely gone. I'm also a little worried about my high-fat and -salt diet, especially given the Broadcom cafeteria. And I again fit into pants which are my high school waist size, and that's in danger of changing back. So it's time to exercise again, if only to avoid buying more jeans :-)

I'm debating my options now that Kickboxing is no longer among them (the instructor and the Sports Pavilion people had a falling out about times and locations). For a summer or so I used to go to a Boot Camp program run by Time-Out Services which worked really well for me, especially since there was a 6:30pm session. But it's gotten more expensive to go less than five times per week, and I'd really like to keep dancing on Monday nights. I'm not sure about the cooking class; I don't have enough time to cook, so I could probably ditch it and call boot camp one of my hobbies.

I don't think boot camp is long-term maintainable, though. They only do the evening sessions in the summer and it's a hard workout. The back of my brain wants to convince me that I could get up for it at 6:30 in the morning two or three days a week, but previous experiments along those lines haven't been promising.

Don't know. This week's pretty booked in any case so I have until the weekend to make a decision about whether to drop into the currently-running session. One cool thing about the prorating being expensive is that I lose all incentive to wait for the beginning of a new session to join up.

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