Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Palm Died

My Palm's battery died, recently and suddenly. It didn't stay dead, but it *did* lose all my data. The regular backups that I did to my old work laptop at my previous job (the one where the company got sold) aren't going to do me any good. I *might* have a much older backup if I can find it, but no promises. I never managed to figure out what contortions are required to back up my old, unsupported Palm on a Mac laptop.

So I appear to have just lost all my phone numbers and addresses for people, all my upcoming and past appointments, and generally everything I keep in my Palm. We have a paper calendar and a lot of my e-mail addresses are in Yahoo mail, but that's it...

If there's something we've promised to show up for, you might want to email us a reminder. The girl tended to use me (and my associated Palm) as a way of keeping track of what we needed to do...
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