Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Have I mentioned that I married the right girl? I have, right?

I generally don't worry much about my birthday, which is today. I'm a crusty old fellow of 31 now. My wife, who continues to be wonderful and amazing and occasionally devious, had me help clean the place up yesterday morning, then took me off to REI for camping gear before a scheduled afternoon barbeque with some friends of hers. I noticed that she was grabbing more party-prep stuff than usual, including some board games and food. Made sense -- I know she's seemed to have a bit of throwing-a-party lust lately, and I can appreciate the sentiment :-)

We came back from REI, and I said, "huh. I guess I left the door unlocked," and from inside I heard "surprise!" My wonderful wife had carefully taken me to REI for awhile to give time to the people who arrived for my surprise birthday party. Apparently she was afraid everybody had flaked or arrived late because they were all clever enough not to park right outside... *grin*

We had a lovely gaming afternoon/evening with much good conversation and people I don't see enough of. While not everybody could make it, I'm deeply grateful to those who could. And my amazing rightkindofme continues to rock my world. Life is good.
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