Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Man, I haven't updated in forever.

I'm not dead. I got a new job. I started Wednesday.

I've got a cellphone again. The display doesn't work. So if you send me text messages, I'll say, "oh, a text message. It's a shame I have absolutely no way to retrieve the contents of it."

I gave blood this morning, again with the Alyx machine. Apparently I give blood (on the machine, at least) quickly not only because of my profuse bleeding. It's also because the very high iron content of my blood means they can take less liquid out of me for centrifuging in order to get the amount of hemoglobin that they're trying for. They want at least 40% iron for a machine donation, and I'm apparently at 49% as of 8:00 this morning. Probably lower now, what with all that sucking blood out of me, centrifuging out the iron and putting it back. At a rough estimate, I guess I should be at about 40% right now since they took out about two pints' worth of iron, leaving me at 80% of my 49%.

31 days until a big content expansion on Kingdom of Loathing.

Brezsny is in favor of me trying out new stuff this week, and Dan Savage says that men who come off as creepy have more trouble finding women to peg them. I'm really not planning to put those two things together, though.

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