Noah (angelbob) wrote,

This week, Brezsny tells the Gemini:

In the quest for enlightenment, no experience is irrelevant. Meditating for days in a mountaintop sanctuary may work well for some seekers, while others are more likely to uncover hidden truths about the nature of reality as they microwave a burrito in a convenience store or play soccer in the living room with their drunk friends, using a rolled up pair of socks as the ball. Even if your spiritual search usually fits the first description, Gemini, I suspect it will more closely match the second in the coming weeks. The secrets of the Divine Wow are primed to reveal themselves to you in the midst of everyday chaos.

Huh. Guess it's time for some drunken sock-soccer?

And Leo, my moon sign:

"Problem-solving is highly overrated," says artist Chuck Close. "Problem-creation is far more interesting." Whether or not you're inclined to agree with that assessment, Leo, I invite you to make it your hypothesis in the coming week. In other words, put yourself in an experimental mood, and act as if problem-creation is where all the action is. How might your life be different if you were not chronically worrying about the dilemma of the hour, but instead were always on the lookout for the next tricky challenge that will awaken sleeping portions of your heart and mind?

Well, it *is* a good time for opportunities, where "opportunity" is defined as "a way to turn good work into eventual benefit." Certainly going for the easy stuff won't be my best choice in the next few weeks...

And because I liked it, this week's Sacred Advertisement for Leos:

At a concert in California, devotional singer Krishna Das told a story of escorting his revered teachers, a frail old Indian couple, to an acupuncturist in New York. They had to walk through a neighborhood dominated by strip clubs, prostitutes, and drug dealers. Every few feet, a new salesperson approached with an offer of crack, weed, crank, or sexual adventures.

Krishna Das worried about subjecting his beloved guides to such a degrading experience, but they were unfazed. "This is heaven," said the woman. When a surprised Krishna Das asked what she meant, she replied, "Heaven is any place where one's needs can be met."

Kind of a lovely summary.

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