Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Camera stuff and Warcraft 3 - anybody want it?

The girl is doing a tremendous job of sifting through old stuff in the garage and getting rid of a wide variety of useless stuff.

On a related note - we have a camera bag, a large tripod (legs telescope to a maximum height of something like 5 feet) and a small tripod (really small - on the order of 6" to a foot tall, adjustable).  We wonder if maybe somebody here would like them.

We're also getting rid of a little Polaroid instant and a bit of film for it (old, may or may not work).  It won't fit the tripods.

And hey, while we're getting rid of stuff -- does anybody want an old collector's edition of Warcraft 3?  It's not World of Warcraft, it doesn't include The Frozen Throne (expansion for WC3), it's just WC3.  But if anybody thinks that'd be fun, they're welcome to it.  I won't swear that absolutely everything is still in it, but the major pieces still all are.
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