Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Looks like a good weekend approaching. I've got time scheduled with the new attractive young lady ("if we ever find the lady. Hellooooo, lady!") and I expect to have a damn fine time. Things have been good lately. I've been calm and nothing has really exploded. It's a nice change.

Judging from her journal, the recent ex is doing as well as I am and doesn't regret the decision at all. I wish things had worked out better, or at least I wish she and I had been a better fit, but things are looking up now for all concerned. It's not so much that this was a painless breakup as one that afterwards seems like it should have happened much sooner. I suppose most breakups are that way at least somewhat.

I'm confused and my mind is full of stuff to deal with, but things are surprisingly good and I don't regret any major decisions. Given the circumstances, I'll take it.
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