Noah (angelbob) wrote,

We're back from Las Vegas. It was a great weekend, but getting back home sucked. Traffic, traffic, traffic.

We saw several Cirque du Soleil shows, though -- Zumanity is wonderful and hot and lovely. Ka is awe-inspiring and huge and they blow lots of rings of fire. Mystere is still not my favorite, though it has some lovely points, and the clowns are really good.

And we saw Blue Man Group. It's wonderful. We sat *waaaay* down front. So for anybody who remembers a "waterfall" thing they do toward the end of the show (trying not to spoil anything), we got a *lot* of it. It was neat and amazing and slightly claustrophobic :-) But just in general, the Blue Men were amazing, musically and otherwise.

The girl and I saw some casinos, saw *enormous* crowds everywhere (NBA all-stars weekend, Chinese new year, president's day weekend), and generally did a bit of other sightseeing. Overall, a lovely long weekend.
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