Noah (angelbob) wrote,


My angelbobitude (angelbobbity? angelbobosity?) stems from a lucky anagram of my name. There turn out to be a number of other angelbobs out there that aren't me, though for all I know they may all be each other.

One is a staff member and HR guy at Angels' Play (, a "metaphysical services" provider.

One, who probably pronounces the "G" more as "H" than "J", is Angel Rivera of Puerto Rico. He has

One is a Quake player. I can't find anything on the web to make him really stand out from all the other Quake weenies.

One owns a rat named Morgan.

One was a "nicest mortal of the year" on Asylum MUD.

I'm surprised that angelbob has turned out to be a less-unique handle than my name. I've only found one other Noah Gibbs for sure and he's long-dead.
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