Noah (angelbob) wrote,

My motorcycle, after being brought in for routine maintenance, suddenly decided that the gas tank was one of those outdoor shower things. You know, the sun warms it up and then you can stand under a hose and get a constant trickle...

Which is a semi-effective outdoor shower, but a very ineffective gas tank. Luckily, it waited to do this until the bike was sitting still. Unluckily, that meant I had to bring it back in to the dealership.

After they verified that I'd had my gas tank replaced when they did a recall earlier (I did, back in March), the dealership was wonderful and apologetic and got my new tank airmailed to me in rapid fashion, so I was only off the bike an extra two days or so. And apparently Suzuki is now panicking because this is just exactly the same problem they did the recall for the first time, and mine is the first new, redesigned tank to have that problem, so they're shipping it back and cutting it open to figure out what's happening with it.

On the plus side, none of this new problem business did me any harm or cost me significant money, it just involved a fair bit of extra driving around. Which I would have minded more, but some of it was driving rightkindofme to and from work, which is more conversation time with her. I survived somehow ;-)

In unrelated news, I think she and I are getting better at talking through various "you said that in a weird way and hit one of my old sore points" problems. Not perfect, but very noticeably improved.

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