Noah (angelbob) wrote,


The Oz Project, back at CMU, was a fairly simple little AI deal -- the idea was that little spherical critters called something like "Woggles" would play with you. At the time it was still pretty nifty.

The folks that did that went on to found a company called Zoesis in the Boston area, and make a number of other demonstrations, and have some degree of commercial success. Their web site looks like they haven't done much since 1994, but I'll ignore that if you will.

One of their little demonstrations of a game-like thing with characters and motivations (their big deal) is called "The Pearl Demon and the Princess", about a captured princess and a demon captor. You can apparently download it and play around with it, but I haven't done that. I just cut straight to the chase and looked at the video of somebody else playing. It disturbed me. A lot. So I'm passing it on to you.

The link at the bottom says something like "download Mp4 movie of the latest demo". There's also a binary to play with it, but only for Windows.
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