Noah (angelbob) wrote,

I had a phone conversation this morning with my father's older sister, Mary Laura. She mentioned a bit about her father, Phil Gibbs.

He was apparently a bit of a wit at times... And when his friend John Phillips, who lived across the street, got married, Phil wrote an amusing little biography of John to post in the local paper. He wrote that John graduated from Yale, which was accurate, and that he majored in "procreation", which wasn't.

The Huntsville Item, being immune to wit of any kind, simply published the biography as supplied. Apparently it somehow got to the New Yorker, which publishes little funny bits in various places. Their commentary on John Phillips' biography? Summa cum laude. Some jokes are apparently timeless, or at least rather old...

And I'm told that the bride's mother didn't speak to my grandpa for the next forty years.

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