Noah (angelbob) wrote,

After rightkindofme decided to punt on Burning Man, we wound up having a very good and spontaneous weekend up near Lake Tahoe. She found an excellent room at an excellent bed and breakfast on short notice -- allow me to highly recommend Chaney House. The hosts, Gary and Lori (sp?), had kids and so have a huge and accomodating house, and when the kids moved out they started doing the B&B thing... As of, like, eighteen years ago.

They obviously love having people around, and are lovely, if more than a touch hyperactive :-) They're excellent about remembering preferences and generally being quite accomodating. Allow me to just generally recommend their establishment, and specifically the Honeymoon Suite... Yay for jacuzzi tubs! That's the room that rightkindofme found particularly appealing on the web site, and we had the very good luck to call right after the previous reservation-holders had to call and cancel.

Nifty folk. Apparently the significant majority of their customers are repeats, and I can see why. They were pushing pretty hard for us to make the Tahoe/B&B trip an annual thing - we'll see whether that happens :-)

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