Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Krissy was on the East Coast awhile back. One of the letters she sent back was *way* delayed for some reason. It contained a "travelogue" section I was supposed to post for you people. So here you go: :-)

Adventures in Traveling! There is much adventure to be had in wandering around a hostel in a sarong finding out that one shower gets only cold water, one only hot, and the third on my floor gets tepid trickling water with such a wussy flow that I am only arguably taking a "shower". Then there is going through the bag from the fairly upscale department store and finding a dead bug. A big dead bug. Like the size of my thumbnail! But, the hostel was cool enough to let me shift my reservation around to facilitate sluttery so I can't really complain too much. Food in N.Y. is hella good this trip. I think the important factor here is not depending on Boymeat's random selection of Indian that will deliver. =)
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