Noah (angelbob) wrote,

It's a little odd that LJ will show you when people make friends-only posts even if you can't read those. I suspect I'm not the first to have noticed the phenomenon, but it's an odd tucked-away feature (nope, not telling you how if you haven't already figured it out). The quantity of such posts can still be an interesting indicator of a person's mental state, even if their contents are unknown. Hrm. I wonder if my non-friends can tell how shallow I am based on how few friends-only posts I make :-)

In other news, yesterday's dinner was a glass of Guinness, a few french fries stolen from Brian (thanks!) and a slice of chocolate mousse cake. I made it through the day, including large amounts of dancing, thinking and motorcycling on about two hours of sleep. I've been getting significantly too little sleep lately just in general.

My body has remembered how to be young. I don't know exactly when it forgot, but I'm damn happy that it remembered. I no longer feel like what I did in college is faded glory and I could never do it again.

That said, I *did* get more sleep last night, which is good. Especially since I'm unlikely to sleep much tonight :-)
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