Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Had a good Saturday. The birthday barbeque was fun. Congrats on successfully getting older, Anton! Also, I finally made grilled avocadoes again (the trick: lime juice, tequila and salt). So the girl got to try them, and apparently liked them a lot. Somebody suggested I could make guacamole from grilled avocadoes rather than raw. I'll have to try it.

Had a good Sunday. The wedding was lovely. Congrats to Jeff and Liz!

Our little orange tree in the back yard is apparently insane. Oranges, says the web, are supposed to start developing in December or January and be pickable by about March or April. Our orange tree started producing them in June or so, and so I guess they may be pickable in October, if they are at all. Very odd. There are a lot of them and they're decently big, though. The orange tree has been *much* happier since my neighbors pruned their looming tree down to a demoralized, much shorter shadow of its past self. The orange tree gets a lot more sun. So I guess every mangled half-dead tree has a silver lining, or something.
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