Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Argh. Car repair. It's expensive and it's frustrating.

After paying an ungodly amount of money for basic maintenance, as well as refilling the AC freon, replacing brake pads, an O2-sensor, a fuse in the air conditioner, a radiator hose and no doubt more that I'm forgetting, I still need to get my car and motorcycle both home.

But luckily that won't be a problem until next week, because the car's going right back to the shop on Monday. Turned out that the freon wasn't a problem in the AC, there was plenty, and the fuse was a problem but the new one they put in immediately blew -- like, on their test drive, before they even returned the car to me.

So I'm just going to leave my car (or motorcycle, or alternate) sitting next to the dealership until then rather than go to the trouble of getting both home. Anybody want to trade dinner some time next week for driving my car home for me? These things are easy with two people, but when it's just me I usually wind up running a few miles to or from the dealership. This place is farther away than that, and would be a longer run than I'm comfortable with.

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