Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Awwww.... My first letter from rightkindofme arrived today. Yay! I'm *so* marrying the right girl. The bit below isn't typical of the letter, but it *is* the bit she said I should transcribe for all of you. So, y'know, appreciate it ;-)

rightkindofme's Travelogue for LJ (cause I want pity):

... Well. The second leg started off more adventurously :-( A flight attendant kept picking my spot to step into to get out of the aisle and the overhead bin right over my head to fuss with. Well, the woman managed to drop something sharp and heavy and it impacted my forehead first followed by my left hand. I have some impressive welts/bruises already showing up on my hand and I have an instant headache like nothing else. My being tough and all, I burst into tears. So I'm feeling even more displeased that the flight is completely full and I am in a row where the seats don't recline. And the woman keeps asking me if I want ice. I bet the marks on my forehead are impressive. Owie.
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