Noah (angelbob) wrote,

Things seem mostly back under control. I got the required minimum amount done toward the release today and I can do better for the next one now that I know what I'm actually supposed to be doing... :-)

I sat through 12 hours of work yesterday and still made it to the Plough. I was somewhat discourteous to an acquaintance yesterday night -- became very tired and needed to go to sleep before I was hoping, but good conversation was had first. I keep forgetting the fatigue that hits at around the 24-hour wakefulness mark. I don't stay up that long very often any more. I *really* don't spend half of that time working and a lot of the rest dancing very often.

Still, as that suggests, good things were done. I'm not sure I feel properly accomplished, but I feel like I'm not losing ground. I have a basically unplanned weekend this coming one, so maybe I'll get to see Tom again for the first time in awhile. That would be nice.

I'm tired, but with good reason and with much having happened, so that's okay.
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